Freelance web developer

Freelance web developer

Freelance web designer Alex Rowbotham

Alex Rowbotham freelance web designer

British freelance web developer, media designer  and photographer.

I’ve been providing digital media solutions for more than 25 years. I’ve enjoyed working closely with clients at home and abroad. Currently based in the alpine landscape of South Tyrol, in the Italian Alps, and on the rugged coastline of Cornwall.

Projects have been varied and often challenging, requiring further (and continuing) personal development in software, hardware and creative processes. Learning is just simply unavoidable and synonymous with design.

As a freelance web designer I mainly work with small to medium-size businesses. But I have also worked under contract to design agencies, with artists, and on personal websites.

Creative director

Contracted – Rome 2001. Becoming a creative director inevitably involves less time in front of Photoshop and more time leading and hopefully inspiring others. My role still involves hands-on design, but very often it’s about me taking the lead on a project, working with the client on the overall approach and then briefing the team to create the end result. I have worked with talented graphics and animation artists, integrated within online development teams. I’ll stay in touch with the project for its duration, inputting and checking everything against the brief aims and objectives.
I’m not a huge talker in meetings. I listen a lot and aim to speak only when I’ve got a really good question to ask. It should be all about the client, not the agency. Similarly, it is important to take the time to listen to the team and accept that I can learn from them.
During this time I provided online digital solutions to numerous industries and cultural entities. I also continued with 360° screen presentation design as trade show stands and museum installations. This included collaborations on huge extravaganzas in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates such as the Dubai World Cup – Meydan.

In 2007 I co-founded Luce Dipinta Multivisioni. An Italian non-profit cultural association producing projects that use image and sound, performance art, video mapping, one-off events and festivals. Encouraging a wider understanding and potential of projections, associated technology and production processes. I also developed and maintain Luce Dipinta’s website in addition to related projection festival websites.

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