Interactive websites and presentations

Interactive websites and presentations

Creating Interactive websites and presentations with animation effects is something I have been involved with since 2010. I primarily used Adobe Flash Catalyst to create demo versions of navigation design, or user interface (UI). I work with other professional developers to realise the final product.

Recently (January 2021) Adobe Flash Player has been discontinued and is now unsupported. New web development languages considered more sophisicated and standardised have contributed to this demise. Many Flash animations hosted online will need to be recreated in order to be played in internet browsers. However those which have been created specifically for permanent installations offline will continue to work until the presentation systems and or networks are changed or upgraded.

Interactive Demo

Created for the Drents Museum (2011) for a touch-screen information system. An example can be viewed here: Drents Museum touchscreen demo – MuseumPlus.

Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or greater is required. Although, as stated above, you may no longer be able to view this demo due to the Flash Player no longer being supported.

With this demo, not all functionality has been added. Follow the first contemporary art icon top left to see how they might all function. Video and other files would be available too.

The final networked product is operated using RFID cards, this means that the visitors preferences will be recorded and remembered for their next visit.

Drents Museum interactive presentation demo screenshot
Drents Museum interactive presentation demo
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