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OWLana Oberwirt Restaurant

OW Lana Oberwirt Restaurant

Responsive design for OWLana Restaurant
Responsive design for OWLana Restaurant

CLIENT: Renato Lustik – Oberwirt Restaurant (OW Lana)

Oberwirt Restaurant di Renato, combine the exceptional hospitality of Renato with outstanding food and Italy’s best wines. The idea to only serve dishes influenced by slow food is great and you can really get dishes you would not find in any other restaurant in South Tyrol.


A complete replacement of the existing website which was rarely updated with content, contained no text and therefore did not appear high in SEO and had an ambiguous domain name. To build on the only online marketing strength of excellent review status with Trip Advisor. Whilst the existing photography was good there needed to be more about the food itself. An area dedicated to events needed to be added.


Typo3 was replaced by Joomla! which was felt to be less complicated to use at a much reduced cost. Designed with large landing page images of food for each of the website menu items, a table reservation button is in a prominent position on those landing page images.


Complete redesign, SSL hosting, implementation of Joomla! CMS, maintainance, and regular backups.