CMS training to manage your own website

CMS training to manage your own website

I provide CMS training to manage your own website for either Joomla! or WordPress. Consequently clients learn how to maintain, update, optimise and backup their website. In addition, they significantly reduce the amount of contract time needed by a web developer to do it for them. This ultimately reduces the overall running costs, unless of course they’d like to completely change the whole site.

WordPress and Joomla are both open source software development tools perfect for any business. Both are easy to maintain and optimise really well using organic SEO (search engine optimisation). Therefore increasing the possibilities of ranking on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing. To understand more about each CMS system you could read this article ‘Joomla, WordPress or Drupal‘.

CMS Training and documentation

Face-to-face training can be provided once the site is completed. The time required for this varies depending on several factors.  The sophistication of the site, the level of administration required and the knowledge-base of the trainee. Some clients are often based too far away for me to realistically travel each time support is required. In those cases support is provided at a distance using email or other online methods.

CMS training Joomla screenshot
CMS training example Joomla screenshot

A training document for CMS training to manage your own website is created specifically for you, explaining each of the required admin processes step-by-step. This includes screenshots of the relevent administration pages within Joomla or WordPress.

Subjects include, but are by no means definitive:

  • Adding users with different permission levels
  • Updating latest bug fixes and patches
  • Routine backing up of your website
  • Adding new content – text, images, video, audio
  • Understanding plugins, modules, categories, articles vs blog posts
  • Metadata – keywords and description

Each client has one free hour per month for support or for direct administration by myself. I am happy to discuss individual needs with each client to find the best solution that suits them.